Data Archiving to Microfilm

Using Microfilm technologies, Raycom Data Technologies Document Archive Writer rapidly converts digital images to an analog format and film media for low-cost, long-term storage and access. The Archive Writer accepts Jpg’s, PDF’s, bi-tonal TIFF (Tagged Image File Format) digital image files – Group III;IV or JBIG compressed in resolutions from 100 to 600 DPI – to support flexible input and converts them to images on 16mm silver halide-based film up to 240 letter size images per minute at 40:1 reduction. Up to 18,000 letter-size images at 40:1 reduction will fit on a single roll of film for storage that is extremely compact. The standard 215 foot roll cassette length provides uninterrupted and unattended writing and is easy to load or unload. Two rolls can be loaded and written to simultaneously for additional redundancy and efficiency.

Microfiche Services

Raycom has multiple COM Recorders Processors configured to produce 105 mm by 148 mm (about 4 by 5.8 inches), Microfiche as per ISO A6 standard with a reduction ratio from 24x, 42x,48x, to 72x as requested and produce a single microfiche in 30 sec to 1 min depending on the page ratio. Brown Toning chemicals are utilized to extend the life of the film up to 500 years.

Raycom Production operations is 7days/24hrs to provide an ideal turnaround for our client needs.Data can be received via SFTP or any electronic media or downloaded directly to any available COM unit for immediate processing.

Raycom with duplicators to provide copies from original silver base master film from the COM Recorders to output to either black or blue background Diazo duplicate with Choice of color stripe header index title commonly size of 5/16″,3/8″,1/2″ or 3/4″ can provide copies from Raycom Produced Masters or Customers Supplied Microfiche in a Cut fiche volume or continuous Roll.

Document Microfilming Service

The most benefit to microfilming your documents, saving space, is secondary to the most important feature, which is document integrity and information security. This is the reason that important public records such as Deed Registries and Probate Court records are accessed in microfilmed form. Several duplicates of microfilmed documents can be made available, while the original documentation may be kept in archival storage or may, in fact, be destroyed.

Raycom Data Technologies offers full service microfilming capability for all sizes of documents from cards and checks to architectural renderings and engineers’ schematics up to 42″x60″.

We carefully examine every document before filming; removing all staples and paper clips to assure that every page is separate and easily visible. Similarly, after the exposed film has been developed we view every frame not once, but twice, to ensure that all documents are clearly legible and in full view. Our document preparation and film checking techniques are outstanding in the industry. We believe in doing the job right, the first time. Greater care and effort up front saves our clients trouble in the end, and wins us the kind of appreciation and loyalty we strive to cultivate.
Because our years of experience, we have developed an efficiency and expertise that can benefit you. We combine excellent turnaround time with free pickup and disposal of documents after filming, to make the client’s part of the process easier. If requested, we can transfer original documents to our storage facility for archival keeping. Due to our speed and accuracy, we actually do jobs at lower cost than in-house microfilming departments.