Raycom Document Imaging System (RDIS)

Raycom Document Imaging System (RDIS), makes paper and microfiche obsolete. With RDIS your documents are archived electronically, eliminating misfiling-filing, increasing productivity, reducing costs, and the documents you need will be at your fingertips. RDIS technology represents the future of document management. It is a revolutionary document management system with compact disc storage and retrieval technology allowing access to your documents at the speed of light. If you process large quantities of documents, RDIS will improve your options so dramatically that you will never want to use microfiche or paper based filing system again. The scanning, Optical Character Recognition (OCR) format conversion, to search and retrieval of scanned documents. RDIS eliminates searching through an endless number of file cabinets or microfiche drawers. With this system, your archives will fit into a compact and manageable space. RDIS gives you a competitive advantage without any investment in equipment. RDIS runs on your existing PC hardware and features an easy-to-use graphical user interface. With RDIS, you will handle your documents with vastly improved ease and efficiency.


RDIS Features

  • Batch scanning facilitated through the use of Barcode/Patch Code detection
  • Cut, Paste, Zoom, Pan, Scale, Rotate, Deskew
  • Relational access to image documents
  • Integrated database and retrieval technology for extremely fast searching
  • A robust imaging system that allows you to retrieve documents based on their content with great      flexibility and power
  • Print queue
  • E-mail/Fax
  • Sort pages within a document
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR), format conversion for document import and export
  • Highlight words in scanned text to index document through OCR (“ZONE OCR”)
  • Password protection: Allows user to setup security levels for users and groups allowing access to certain operations (ex: Administrative, Scanning, Indexing, Document Deletion)
  • Users can route selected documents or pages to the RDIS Print Queue (holding bin) till such time as they may be printed, faxed, or e-mailed
  • Annotations can be easily added to an existing document.  Features include post-it note, redaction, freehand, highlight, stamp, line, box, circle, polygon, and sound
  • Can hide annotations
  • Zoomed areas of image can be printed
  • Tiff file format
  • Designed to custom fit your individual work routine
  • Images reside on CD

Raycom Document Imaging System (RDIS 3.1)