RDIS Software Features

RDIS Software Features

  • RDIS ver. Full Version 3.3 Scan search retrieval software. (The software can be installed on an unlimited number of computers) Software and Hardware support directly from Raycom-24/7
  • RDIS Software works with the following hardware, eliminating multiple software for each hardware: Document Scanners, Check Scanners, Large Format Drawing Scanners, Microfiche Scanners, Microfilm Scanners, and Apertures Card Scanners.
  • RDIS Software Supports the following Databases: Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL, Oracle, and B-tribe.   By having this connectivity available, scanned documents process and data extracted directly to a database source.
  • Web Based Viewer-Allows users to access the documents stored on FTP or remote site.
  • RDIS Image processing De-skew, De-speckle, Crop Documents or Images, Bar Code, OCR, ICR Recognition.
  • RDIS Software allows customization and flexibility to add new features. Designed to custom fit your individual work routine.
  • Batch scanning facilitated through the use of Barcode/Patch Code detection.
  • Relational access to image documents
  • Integrated database and retrieval technology for extremely fast searching
  • A robust imaging system that allows you to retrieve documents based on their content with great flexibility and power
  • E-mail/Fax or Print Queue.
  • OCR format conversion for document import and export.
  • Highlighted words in scanned text to index document through OCR (“Zone OCR”).
  • Password Protection: Allows users to setup security levels for users and groups allowing access to certain operations (ex: Administrator, Scanning, Indexing & Document Deletion).
  • Users can route selected documents or pages to RDIS print queue (holding bin) till such time as they may be printed, faxed, or e-mailed.
  • Annotations can be easily added to an existing document. Features include post-it note, redaction, freehand, highlight, stamp, line, box, circle, polygon, and sound. Can also hide annotations.
  • Zoomed areas of image can be printed.
  • File formats – Tiff, JPEG, MPEG, PDF.

Designing Your Document Retrieval System

Just imagine… RDIS could REPLACE your company’s filing cabinet!

Within this filing cabinet reside each of your company’s STANDARD FORMS and all miscellaneous SUPPORTING DOCUMENTATION.

STANDARD FORMS are your primary search field, or MAIN INDEX. Some examples are “PAYABLES”, “RECEIPTS”, “ENGINEERING DRAWINGS”, and in this case, “ENROLLMENT FORM”.

Each MAIN INDEX, when selected, pulls up various search fields, or SECONDARY INDEXES. For example: “ENROLLMENT FORMS”, you have “COMPANY NAME”, “LAST NAME”, “FIRST NAME”, AND “SOCIAL SECURITY #”.

ANY of the SECONDARY INDEXES can be used to access your documents by entering the applicable alpha-numeric, in whole or in part, and selecting “Search”.

Your standard form DOCUMENT is then displayed in the large area to the right, as well as any SUPPORTING DOCUMENTATION as thumbnails in the center of the screen.